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For Scott Herckis, Financial Advice Is the Client’s Best Friend

December 15, 2016
Those who own and run any type of business probably have a strong desire to improve the fortunes of their business, even if they are in good financial shape. That could possibly mean employing better forecasting and budgeting solutions, or it could mean a whole lot more. Of course, that’s why Scott Herckis founded SJH Financial in the first place. He wants to be the business partner any business owner needs. Scott, along with his team of experienced professionals, can help any business make the best possible decisions to improve their current outlook or even to drive growth in the future.

With assistance from Scott Herckis and SJH Financial, any business owner will soon know exactly how they can best to take advantage of financial opportunities. Scott Herckis himself has a strong business background and he has a lot of education under his belt, including a B.B.A. in Accounting, which he earned at the University of Texas at Austin and the CPA he earned during his five-year stint at Arthur Andersen, where he worked in their Audit and Assurance Department. He has a lot of experience dealing with large corporate clients and he has learned what businesses do that makes them great.